Killochries Highland Cattle

History:Highland Cattle on the hill above Killochries Farm

Since 1995, when Killochries Fold Highlanders were established, our cattle have developed a formidable reputation not only as show winners but also as a strong commercial strain with earlier maturing characteristics and exceptional live weight gains. (See breeding policies)

Our Highland Cattle are now well in excess of two hundred head and while the female foundation cattle were carefully selected and monitored the herd has benefited most from using some of the best Highland Bulls available. When it came to establishing the black herd we were fortunate enough to have been able to buy some of the best black cattle from the Rigg dispersal sale.  Archie Howet devoted a lifetime to breeding these special black Highlanders and the purchase of the Rigg cattle has enabled us to continue this passion.

Today you will find Killochries bulls breeding well in many of the best folds in the United Kingdom and their offspring are often class winners and are regularly in the top prices at pedigree sales.

The herd is performance recorded, health (IBR, BVD, Lepto and Johnes) and fertility status is guaranteed.

Whether you are an experienced breeder or hoping to establish a small fold or just have a keen interest in Highland Cattle, we will always be pleased to welcome you at Killochries Fold

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Highland Beef

Highland Beef is succulent, delicious with full depth of flavour.
As well as tasting good Highland Beef is low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in Omega 3.
Try it and see!

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Black Highland Cattle

Black Highland Cattle

This specialist group of Highland Cattle have been bred pure black for many generations.
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Highland Bull

Visitors to the Killochries Fold are very welcome, but by appointment only. Please email or phone us if you would like to arrange a visit.

Wildlife Conservation

Hen HarrierOne of our objectives at Killochries, is to provide a habitat for bird life, particularly protected birds, including black grouse.
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